SEA of SPA cosmetics

Sea of Spa Labs LTD is cosmetics manufacturer company than founded at 1997 in Arad, Israel. The company is known for its high and uncompromised quality of her product.

As a brand that considering itself as a leader on his area, Sea of Spa always tries to be up to date to the latest innovations on the cosmetic field and to adapt her spirit on both marketing and technologic ways.

All of the company’s products are original from the Dead Sea and characterized with higher concentration than usual unique minerals and oils in order to give the skin the perfect feed and care that he needed. The uniqueness of the products was derives from the company’s understanding than we should preserve the natural ingredients who known for their therapeutic abilities that already exist in the Dead Sea and to combine them into cosmetic product.

The implementation of this concept, gives the company a big differentiation on Dead Sea cosmetics area as we know it mostly because of many studies of a team of experts including dermatologists and bio-chemist than have a lot of knowledge and international reputation in the cosmetic field.

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